Slide Digital Kindness
for Kids

Children are cruel, they are even crueller when hiding
behind a screen and they become monsters when
they think they are anonymous.

In this short course we teach them to spread glitter
in cyberspace by using their power for good.

We also empower them to keep their digital footprints
squeaky clean and to consider how their actions today
can affect their future. Lastly, we give them the smarts
to deal with cyberbullies like ninjas!

Take a peak inside the course

Topics Covered

  • How to have excellent netiquette
  • THINK before you post
  • What is a digital footprint & why is it important?
  • How to handle cyberbullying
  • The internet never forgets
  • How the internet saves information

Why Enrol?

Digital Kindness for Kids is suitable for:

Children who are starting to explore the online world via WhatsApp and online games.

  • Duration 3 Hours
  • Age Group Grade 2-7
  • Gender Unisex
  • Price R250

Course Skeleton

 Instructor Video  |   Extra Lesson  |   Slide Presentation  |   Case Study  |   Assignment  |   Quiz

1x Instructor Video

2x Instructor Videos

1x Slide Presentation

1x Extra Lesson1

1x Quiz

5x Instructor Videos

1x Written Lesson

1x Slide Presentation

3x Extra Lessons

1x Quiz

5x Instructor Videos

1x Exra Lesson

1x Written Lesson

1x Assignment

1x Quiz


  • The content is audience sensitive & easy to work through.
  • Younger leaners can complete the course with a parent, whilst older learners can work through the content on their own.
  • This course is ideal for primary school learners age 8 to 13.
  • To complete this course the student has to be able to read & write.

Enrol in this course for R250

We know how busy life gets. The course will be open for 2 months from purchase date and will become inaccessible thereafter. Your child will therefore have 8 weeks to complete 3 hours of street-smarts!
Now that’s a deal.