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Safety for

Teenagers' biggest threat online is themselves. Why? I hear
you ask. With more time being spent online today than ever
before, teens run the risk of saying or doing something silly
in an unthinking second that could jeopardise their future.

In this short course we take control of your teen’s personal
brand by coaching them to keep their digital footprint
squeaky clean, teaching them excellent netiquette and
empowering them to stay safe on social media platforms.

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Topics Covered

  • Cyberspace & your personal brand
  • What is a digital footprint & why is yours important?
  • Reputation management in digital spaces
  • How to have excellent netiquette
  • Staying safe on social media platforms

Why Enrol?

Social Media Safety for Teens is suitable for:

Tweens & Teens who access the internet via smart phones, tablets or computers. They are digitally active, communicate electronically and are on social media platforms.

  • Duration 3 Hours
  • Age Group Grade 7+
  • Gender Unisex
  • Price R250

Course Skeleton

 Instructor Video  |   Extra Lesson  |   Slide Presentation  |   Case Study  |   Assignment  |   Quiz

1x Instructor Videos

5x Instructor Videos

3x Slide Presentations

1x Extra Lesson

1x Assignment

1x Quiz

1x Instructor Video

1x Slide Presentation

1x Quiz

7x Instructor Videos

4x Slide Presentations

2x Extra Lessons

1x Assignment


  • To complete this course the student has to be able to read & write.
  • Your teen will require an internet connection to complete this course.
  • The course is designed to communicate sensitive information in a light-hearted but informative manner.
  • This course is ideal for teenagers age 13 and older.
  • Most teenagers will be able to complete this course without adult supervision.
  • If your teen communicates in social spaces this course will assist them to protect their reputation and build their personal brand.

Enrol in this course for R250

We know how busy life gets. The course will be open for 2 months from purchase date and will become inaccessible thereafter. Your child will therefore have 8 weeks to complete 3 hours of street-smarts!
Now that’s a deal.